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And who were you again?

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I am Kate. I became a Savage Garden fan when To the Moon and Back came out as it sympathized with my feelings at the time. I wasn't properly in the fan club or going to concerts or anything as I had other problems at the time. I would have loved to go to Affirmation, but I got to watch it on the TV instead. I only really got involved when Darren put out the song So Beautiful and joined the fan club soon after. The tours I had been to are A Big Night In, The Time Machine tour and The Secret tour. I hadn't been playing much of his music lately since he has been off air so to speak because I'm suffering from depression and anxiety, but enjoy his music when I do play it.
Sincerely Kate.


x Kate.

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I'm Marilyn- Most people know me by my email name- MarAmmo. I fell long and hard one November day in 1999 and have never looked back! I have attended many concerts, starting with the Affirmation tour in Philadelphia. Then I followed Darren to Mexico for the TCFC tour. I was there for 3 UK tours and a bunch of shows in NYC. I was also at both Listening Parties. I'm the person who made the "Darren Hayes Street Team" shirts and I have a web site dedicated to Darren Prior to that my website was called Undeniably Darren Hayes but it was too long and hard to type!! I've made so many great friends over the years and some will be my friends for life- I'm Happy to say "Hello" to all my friends.. old and new!

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Yes, I was an old member from the old forum.

I don’t even remember my old username, and inactive my Twitter, Facebook & MySpace acct. Guess trying to reduce my social network distractions :P

Miss being here, and hope will keep posting like old times :)


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Oh, and just saw that this thread is to introduce myself. Lol

I’m an old member. That too lazy to introduce myself. Hehe