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Hi everyone!

I'm new here ^^ - My bad for not discovering this forum faster................. but better late than never!

I love Darren Hayes and I love books too, so I made this thread (I hope it's OK) to share if we have the same interests

Last proper book I read is Jodi Picoult's The Storyteller and I currently reading the complete Sherlock Holmes series.

Please share and discuss your favourite books, your reading list or anything if you don't mind


May D-Force always be with you!

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I don't like my last teatcher of literature, i did not wanted to write, i took any pills and it still does effect of maxbeating of the heart, i nearly died, still head is off my spine. I could not show haw genies i was, but she write my composition to i don't get 2. I still don't finished, i still can't do better, still can't get money myself, do any work myself, still love you.