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Power of high pressure plunger pump

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Effective power of pump: in unit time, the energy of liquid discharged from pump is called effective power.

NE = PQ where ne effective power, P total pressure, Q flow. After substituting the unit, the formula becomes: ne (kw) = 1 / 36.7 × P (kgf / cm2) × Q (m3 / h). Considering the power loss caused by the efficiency of transmission device, mechanical friction, volumetric efficiency and medium temperature rise, when selecting the power of prime mover, n = 1 / (0.85 ~ 0.9) n for low-pressure reciprocating pump and 1 / (0.75 ~ 0.85) n for high-pressure reciprocating pump. The application scope of reciprocating pump plunger pump is mainly suitable for high pressure and small flow, which requires constant or quantitative flow of pump to transport various different media in proportion, or requires good suction performance or self-priming performance. In today's world energy shortage situation, reciprocating pump as an energy-saving product, has been widely used in many industries, such as energy mining, petroleum fine chemicals, food and drug processing and so on. This kind of pump has complex structure, strong compatibility but poor versatility, many varieties and small batch.
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